Company News | 2021.11.06
sheet metal stamping companies
The precision metal stamping industry as a whole is developing rapidly, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In terms of processing and technology, the quality is constantly improving and innovating. Only high-quality service and innovation can meet the needs of customers to win the market. Next, I will introduce the general process of precision stamping (which will be updated continuously).

Precision stampings inc shall have

sheet metal stamping companies
1. When designing the die for the precision metal stamping plant, the die structure must be selected according to the batch size of the product, that is, for the die with small batch, simple shape of product parts and simple movement, the die structure shall be used; For large quantities or complex product parts, the die structure is also different.

2. For the die of parts to be inlaid, the inlay must be easy to operate and fixed, and there must be sufficient plastic thickness around the inlay to make the inlay firm. Generally, the thickness can be about 2-4mm. In order to make the inlays firm, when there are many inlays, the extrusion die structure is selected.

3. In order to make the precision stamping parts easy to be molded after pressing the plastic parts, the die inclination should be set in the die cavity. Generally, the inclination of the die is determined according to the inclination of the plastic part.
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