Company News | 2021.11.16
metal stamping suppliers
The processing of metal stamping parts is an important processing method. In order to ensure the processing quality, certain operation steps and processes must be followed in the processing of metal stamping parts. However, some problems will inevitably appear in the processing process. The following small series summarizes some common problems in the processing of metal stamping parts.
metal stamping suppliers
1、 In the daily precision metal stamping parts, the punching size is too large or too small and different from the punch size

2、 When the punching edge is worn, the tensile stress of the material increases, and the tendency of metal stamping parts to turn over and twist increases. When turning over occurs, the punching size will decrease.

3、 The strong pressure of metal stamping on the material will cause plastic deformation of the material, which will lead to the larger punching size. When the strong pressure is reduced, the punching size will become smaller.

4、 The shape of the end of the punch edge. If the end is trimmed with an inclined plane or arc, the blanking part is not easy to turn over and twist due to the slow blanking force.
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