Company News | 2021.11.18
Stamping special-shaped sheet metal
Special shaped stamping is a difficult stamping in the stamping field. If the product reaches a certain quantity, mass production can be carried out, and the rational application of stamping technology can obtain good economic benefits. In order to promote the application of precision stamping technology, the following problems need to be solved: 1. Renew the concept, people-oriented, and replace cutting with stamping. In the production of special-shaped stamping, excessive noise and industrial injury are the two most serious problems. 2. So far, there is no effective way to reduce them. "People oriented, adhere to sustainable development", the first embodiment of the stamping industry is "production must be safe, production safety". The noise during stamping mostly exceeds 95dB, which is harmful to the health of workers. The stamping machine is mainly driven by full hydraulic pressure, and there is a closed protective net outside the stamping processing area. They are fully automatic and have low labor intensity. The noise usually does not exceed 85dB specified in the standard. They can ensure safe production. The noise pollution in the workplace is small, which is in line with the scientific development concept of "people-oriented and sustainable development". In addition, the shape of some parts produced by precision stamping technology is complex, and it is difficult to carry out mass production in cutting and other processing methods. However, if it is done for a long time in the later stage, there will certainly be better alternatives.
Stamping special-shaped sheet metal
2. Cooperation and mutual benefit

In order to overcome the traditional concept of "large and complete, small and complete" left over from the planned economy period and carry out large-scale cooperation, outsourcing parts that need stamping but cannot be precision stamped. For precision stamping alone, it is necessary to have a complete set of relevant technologies and a huge amount of money to buy expensive precision stamping equipment.
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