Company News | 2021.11.20
Aluminum alloy stamping parts manufacturers
With the development of industrialization to modernization, we pay more attention to the environmental protection of products. Aluminum alloy has become the best material for energy saving, weight reduction and environmental protection products because of its low density, low melting point, good processability, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The corresponding supply of aluminum alloy stamping products has already been produced. The low hardness of precision stamping aluminum alloy makes it easy to be scratched and scratched in the production process. Which are prone to this phenomenon during drawing and stamping?
1. Bumps in the stamping process: improper operation, aluminum alloy shell encounters molds, fixtures, machine tools and equipment when taking parts; The processed aluminum alloy shell is not installed and stacked together in time; If it is not operated properly, the aluminum alloy shell will be scratched.

2. Scratches are caused by incorrect accumulation in the process of each process flow. There are sundries in the packaging material with aluminum alloy shell. During handling, sundries and products will be scratched due to friction.

3. Improper anodizing operation of precision stamping parts: it is caused by the suspension device when anodizing is suspended up and down; This is caused by the inlet and outlet of the oxidation tank. The product falls from the.
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