Company News | 2021.11.24
deep drawing sheet metal
The Stainless steel drawing manufacturer has the following requirements for materials:

1. Stamping materials shall have sufficient plasticity and low hardness to improve the quality and dimensional accuracy of blanking section. Among them, the blanking performance of soft materials (such as brass) is good, the blanking section quality of hard materials (such as stainless steel and high carbon steel) is poor, and brittle materials are easy to tear during blanking.
deep drawing sheet metal
2. The materials used for deep drawing shall have good plasticity, low yield strength and hardness and large plate thickness directivity coefficient. Among them, the material with high hardness is difficult to deep drawing; Materials with small yield strength ratio or large plate thickness directivity coefficient are easy to be deep drawn.

3. The thickness tolerance of the material shall meet certain requirements: if the material thickness exceeds the tolerance range, it will not only directly affect the stamping quality and die life of the product, but also produce scrap or damage the die.
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