Company News | 2021.11.29
sheet metal die maker
metal stamping tools Maintenance of mold: keep the inside and outside clean without rust and yellow package. Spindle part: operation of hydraulic fixture and spindle. Lubricating position: oil quantity of each lubricating fitting; At each manual refueling point, refuel as needed, and then rotate the oil filter. Wipe each part of the belt reader with gauze every month and lubricate each working point at least once every half a year. Tailstock section: once a week, move the tailstock to clean the bottom surface and guide rail. Remove the top once a week to clean the air. Electrical part: check the tricolor lamp and switch. Check the position of each part of the control panel. Other parts: the hydraulic system shall be free of oil dripping and heating. The machine system is operating normally. The workpieces are arranged in order. The area around the press to keep it clean. Carefully fill in shift handover records and other records. The following is the daily maintenance of some molds during stainless steel stamping, which can ensure the normal operation of the punch.
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