Company News | 2020.08.09
Metal Stamping Parts Support Seat
Stamping companies play an important role in the production of machines and molds. Now, due to the needs of our industrial production, we have all kinds of molds around us. Stainless steel stamping factory mold production is very strict, a little error will lead to unqualified products. The same is true of our mold production. Progressive die is one of the commonly used dies, which is also very strict. How to improve the performance of the progressive die for precision stamping parts is a common problem to be solved by all die makers. Let's learn how to improve the performance of progressive dies for precision stamping parts. Any small error will affect the accuracy of processing data parameters, and then affect the performance of progressive die for precision stamping parts. Machining accuracy refers to the extent to which the actual size, shape and position of the machined part surface meet the requirements of the drawing. Ideal geometric parameters are uniform for size; for surface geometry, they are corresponding circles, cylinders, planes, cones and straight lines; for the mutual positions between surfaces, they correspond to parallel, vertical, coaxial, symmetrical, etc.
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